YouTube’s new CEO sees potential in  NFTs and metaverse


  • YouTube’s new CEO Neal Mohan believes that NFTs have the potential to allow deeper relationships between creators and fans.
  • Though metaverse is new, YouTube aspires to bring increased interactions to games to make them look alive.
  • YouTube is at second rank in terms of average visits per month.

Neal Mohan was the Chief Product Officer at YouTube for seven long years, and now he has been appointed to lead the platform. As obvious, this is great news for Web3 technologies‘ fans and advocates. 

Susan Wojcicki, former CEO, announced her decision to resign in a blog. She praised Mohan for serving a key role in the release of products such as YouTube Music and YouTube TV. Wojcicki also said that Mohan will be a fantastic leader.   

Adding on, she praised the new CEO for his understanding of the platform for both businesses and communities. She wrote that he understands the product, user communities, YouTube’s creator, and business. 

YouTube’s popularity isn’t hidden from anyone. According to Statista, during last year, from September to November, the website was at #2 in terms of usage, as the average visit each month stood at 74.8 billion. The #1 spot was grabbed by Google. 

Mohan has been open minded regarding the internet’s and similar platforms’ evolution.  Last year, he shared how YouTube was considering ways to incorporate Web3, either by making the platform even more immersive via the metaverse or through technologies such as NFTs.

Mohan wrote that new technologies such as NFTs and blockchain enable creators to establish intact relationships with their fans. To approach such technologies the right way, they need to consider a lot, though they are sure about the potential these technologies have.

He mentioned that non-fungible tokens are convincing and are a supportable way to acquire photos, art, videos, and experiences from other NFT creators.  Also, they let creators and audiences partner with each other in multiple ways. 

Mohan believes that the metaverse is in its initial days, though YouTube will work to add more interactions to games and make them feel real.

YouTube’s employees have been embracing Web3 completely. For instance, Ryan Wyatt, the former global head at YouTube, joined Polygon Studios as its CEO in February 2022. Now he is the president of the rebranded Polygon Labs.