Bentley Drives into NFT Space with a One-time NFT Drop


  • Bentley to launch 208 NFTs to establish strong relationship between brand and consumers.
  • The automaker has opted for carbon-neutral Polygon Network with focus on sustainability and engaged community.
  • Philanthropic efforts will be supported by Web3 activations.

World’s most sought-after luxury car brand, Bentley Motors has announced its entry in the NFT space with a limited number of 208 NFTs on the carbon-neutral Polygon network in September 2022.

The announcement was shared by Bentley Motors on Twitter through a short video:

The number 208 has a special relevance to Bentley, as it refers to the top speed of its fastest Grand Tourer and the total production run of the iconic R-Type Continental of 1952, the car that is the inspiration of the modern Bentley design DNA.

The genesis Bentley NFT will be a unique artwork by Bentley Design, which will offer unique access and special rewards to its holders. Bentley intends to lead a long-term approach to both expand as well as improve its ownership in the Web3 ecosystem.

Member of the Board for Sales and Marketing, Alain Favey, said that Bentley customers live an online life and indulge in buying goods using digital currency as well as set businesses in the metaverse. Engaging their customers to explore their passions, they are moving towards a digital marketplace to offer NFTs. As NFTs have raised the profiles of art and artists, they will surely do the same in the automotive space.

Ryan Wyatt, CEO at Polygon Studios, shared Polygon’s excitement on partnering with the most prestigious brand. He further said that Polygon will provide low-fee & sustainable infrastructure Bentley needs for its foray into Web3. While the automaker will secure its position in the next iteration of the internet, Polygon’s carbon-neutral network will support Bentley in its journey towards acquiring carbon-neutrality by 2030.

Besides Web3, Bentley aims to explore other digital platforms, including NFCs (non-fungible chips), online gaming, metaverse apps and blockchain. Bentley NFT owners will have community opportunities, rewards and unique utilities, which will be announced soon. 

Proceeds collected from selling the NFTs will be used for philanthropic efforts. Bentley will support students interested in engineering, design, and manufacturing as well as organizations working to increase sustainability efforts.