Y00ts NFT Project Announces Switch from Polygon to Ethereum, Returning $3 Million Grant


  • Y00ts, a prominent NFT project, surprises the market by announcing a move from Polygon to Ethereum.
  • Y00ts plans to return a substantial $3 million grant received from Polygon during the previous migration.
  • The decision to migrate stems from a desire to unite the DeGods and Y00ts communities on Ethereum.

In a surprising move, prominent non-fungible token (NFT) project Y00ts has announced its intention to migrate from Polygon to Ethereum, marking a significant shift for the project. The decision comes just months after Y00ts transitioned from Solana to Polygon earlier this year, catching many in the crypto community off guard.

Y00ts, recognized for its innovative approach to NFTs, revealed its plan to return a substantial $3 million grant that had been provided by Polygon during the prior migration. The project emphasized its enduring fondness for Polygon while explaining the decision to unite the DeGods and Y00ts communities on Ethereum. The exact migration date remains pending, with Y00ts promising a forthcoming announcement.

The upcoming transition will see Y00ts join forces with the DeGods collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Both NFT initiatives originated on Solana in October 2021 under the guidance of Rohun Vora, also known as Frank. This recent move follows DeGods’ successful migration to Ethereum back in April.

Addressing the situation, Frank conveyed the team’s earnest efforts to maintain functionality within the Polygon ecosystem. However, the rationale behind the move was to facilitate cohesion between the DeGods and Y00ts communities, a sentiment echoed in a tweet that stressed the spirit of unity among their user base.

As transparency is prioritized, it was disclosed that the forthcoming Season III will be centered around DeGods. In this context, Y00ts’ community support for DeGods was solicited, with a promise of reciprocation in the form of heightened dedication to Y00ts 2.

The crypto space is known for its dynamic nature, with projects frequently adapting to evolving circumstances. Y00ts’ shift to Ethereum from Polygon signifies not only a technological migration but also a strategic maneuver to enhance community cohesion. As this transition unfolds, industry observers eagerly await the formal migration date and the subsequent developments that will shape the trajectory of both Y00ts and the DeGods collection on the Ethereum blockchain.