Reddit launches NFT marketplace for blockchain-based avatars


  • Artists can earn profit each time their collectible avatars sell.
  • Cost of the avatars will range from $9.99 to $99.99.
  • Avatars can be bought without cryptocurrencies through credit and debit cards

Reddit has launched an NFT marketplace that allows buying blockchain-based avatars at a fixed rate using fiat currency.  The cost of the avatars lies from $9.99 to $99.99. Upon the purchase, the avatars can be used as customizable profile pictures. 

According to an announcement by Reddit, the new NFT feature will provide a license to the users, allowing them to create any kind of avatar and make profits from their art. 

The company said that collectible avatars have been made by independent artists and are limited-edition. Users who use their collectible avatar on Reddit as their profile picture will have the freedom to mix-and-match the avatar gear with various other gear and accessories. Once they do it, their profile picture will have a ‘glow-like effect’ in the comments sections. 

Also, the art can be used both on and off of Reddit. Reddit has worked with artists from reputed creative communities for its new avatars. 

Though everyone will have collectible avatars in the coming weeks, a limited number of users belonging to the collectible avatars community were given access before. 

Reddit shared how they have been always driven to empowering artists to create as well as sell their work. The company said:

Artists will get paid for every Collectible Avatar that sells on Reddit, less any fees, and are also entitled to receive royalties from secondary sales of their Collectible Avatars on open marketplaces.

Reddit has collaborated with Polygon to mint the avatars since the blockchain offers low-cost transactions along with sustainability commitments. 

Proceeds will be given to artists who have designed the collectible avatars.