Rarible Marketplace now support Tezos NFTs and Polygon listings


  • Rarible has launched support for Tezos NFTs such as Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia
  • Tezos is a blockchain solution for decentralized apps, NFT collections, and businesses.
  • Rarible’s marketplace items are being expanded by adding a self-service marketplace builder for polygon-based collections.

Rarible, an NFT aggregator, has announced the launch of support for Tezos NFTs, such as those from prominent platforms like Versum, Objkt, fxhash, and Teia. Furthermore, it gained support for polygon listings from OpenSea last week, making it one of the first to provide this kind of cross-chain functionality, Rarible tweeted. 

Tezos has grown in popularity among Web3 users as a good alternative to more powerful blockchains, and it has emerged as a top choice for a variety of decentralized apps, NFT collections, and businesses. Prominent artists such as XCOPY, Blake Kathryn, Killer Acid, Fvckrender, and John Karel.

Rarible has noted Tezos’ increasing popularity among artists as well as its devotion to artist royalties, which fits with its firm position on honoring and collecting the payments. Rarible intends to strengthen its objective of becoming a community-centric network by introducing Tezos functionality. 

Rarible has been working to advance its marketplace goods in addition to its total marketplace. Its products are rapidly expanding to include a self-service marketplace creator for polygon-based collections, allowing anyone with an Ethereum or Polygon NFT collection to easily create their own personalized marketplace with a few clicks. 

For brands and collections that require extra personalization, Rarible also offers a white-glove service for any chains featured on its platform.

Rarible’s decision to combine listings from different blockchains is a huge step forward for the NFT sector as a whole, giving customers greater liquidity and accessibility to more listings than ever before on a unified platform.