Polygon Joins Forces with The Sandbox for Lower Fee NFT Trading


  • The Sandbox has launched its NFT marketplace on the Polygon network, making it more accessible and cost-effective for users.
  • Users can now mint digital assets using CATALYSTs on this new platform, democratizing the NFT creation process.
  • The introduction of a secondary market allows for the resale of ASSETs, broadening trading and monetization opportunities.

The Sandbox, a prominent player in the world of NFTs and virtual metaverse creation, has taken a significant stride towards enhancing accessibility and reducing costs for creators and users. The latest development sees the launch of The Sandbox Marketplace on Polygon, a move that promises to reshape the NFT landscape.

One of the most notable features of this launch is the ability for anyone to mint their digital assets (ASSETs) on the Polygon marketplace using CATALYSTs. This democratizes the NFT creation process, making it accessible to a broader audience. Notably, Polygon’s network significantly reduces transaction fees, addressing a long-standing concern in the NFT space.

Furthermore, The Sandbox introduces a secondary market, allowing NFT owners to resell ASSETs that they didn’t originally create on the platform. This opens up new avenues for trading and monetizing digital collectibles.

For those already holding CATALYSTs, minting on the Polygon marketplace becomes readily accessible. But what if you don’t have CATALYSTs yet? The Sandbox plans to distribute CATALYSTs to ecosystem contributors, including LAND owners, as part of their commitment to expanding opportunities for creators.

Existing ASSET holders need not worry about the fate of their assets. Minted assets on the Ethereum chain will remain usable and can be bridged to the Polygon layer in the future. Non-minted assets, like equipment, will be migrated to align with the new structure, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Gas fees have long been a concern for NFT enthusiasts, but The Sandbox addresses this by significantly reducing fees on the Polygon marketplace. Additionally, they cover a portion of Polygon transaction fees for users across their ecosystem, enhancing affordability.

The user interface of the marketplace has undergone a revamp, with improved asset upload flows, asset moderation, and an enhanced user experience. This ensures a seamless and efficient trading experience for users.

To buy your first NFT on Polygon via The Sandbox Marketplace, you need to log in, connect your wallet to the Polygon network, browse the marketplace, select your desired NFT, and complete the purchase. The process is streamlined, making it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned collectors.

As The Sandbox expands its metaverse and NFT offerings, creators are encouraged to participate in VoxEdit contests and contribute to the vibrant community. The launch of the new marketplace also comes with a captivating collection from 30 talented artists, adding to the diversity of available ASSETs.

The Sandbox’s move to launch its marketplace on Polygon opens up exciting opportunities for creators and collectors alike. With reduced fees, improved user experience, and a commitment to accessibility, it marks a significant step forward in the ever-evolving world of NFTs.