The Sandbox unveils New Game Maker Version


  • The Sandbox tweets about the new version of the Game.
  • Multiplayer functionality, light and visual effects, and audio and video streaming will be in the new version.
  • It will allow for a wide spectrum of inventiveness in the creation of a virtual environment.

On January 6, 2023, The Sandbox revealed the first look at the Game 0.8 version. It has new multiplayer gameplay features with new lighting and visual effects. It also has video and audio streaming. It has the equipment and wearable support for social hubs.

Sandbox is a video game in which the player is not limited to pursuing certain objectives and has a significant amount of freedom to explore, engage with, or change the game world.

In the 0.8 version, players will have the ability to fight against one another, exist together, and communicate in novel ways. From multiplayer racing to parkour and obstacle courses, designers will be able to provide their users with action-packed adventures. For gamers to represent themselves, the new emote wheel will offer a range of avatar movements.

Audio and video streaming facilities will increase content variation in the virtual world, creating a much more exciting experience and offering up opportunities for screening parties, IRL content, and much more. It will allow artists to deliver more subtle puzzle hints, display their artwork outside of The Sandbox, and provide additional feedback to users.

Performance and utility enhancements enable makers to utilize Game Maker more effectively. Featuring hidden and no-collision scripting characters, a library menu for quick and easy access, and widely used lighting, VFX, and climate settings, among other things. It will help set the tone for their experiences, enabling concepts to be presented through subtle cues and better absorbing the player.

More comprehensive activities, such as virtual performances and other interactive events, will be possible because of new lighting and special effects. Making the metaverse a location for individuals from all over the planet to connect and interact.

The Sandbox will do these and other modifications in 2023. It will enable a wide range of creativity in building a virtual world where the only boundary is creativity.