Sandbox teams up with Thunderbirds to rescue the metaverse


  • Sandbox is now partnered with Thunderbirds.
  • Fans will have the chance to participate in actual “Rescue Missions,” for which money is raised through the NFT sales of Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club.
  • The Thunderbirds avatar, which users may use to explore the Sandbox Metaverse, a virtual world accessible through PC and mobile, is created based on their NFT qualities

The Sandbox is collaborating with Thunderbirds, a classic work of British science fiction. The show, which was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, is most known for its use of the “Supermarionation” filmmaking style. Creating a universe that has never been seen on television using marionettes and scale models.

The show, which was set in the 2060s, focused on the exploits of “International Rescue,” a covert organization that aimed to save lives. The Tracy brothers, under the direction of Jeff Tracy, piloted a fleet of five cutting-edge aircraft known as “The Thunderbirds” during missions on land, at sea, in the air, and in space.

To bring Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club to the metaverse, they’ve been working with Reality+, a British Web 3.0 firm with its headquarters in the Web 3.0 and blockchain gaming industry since 2017.

Neil Bowler, controller, games, ITV, said:

Thunderbirds is adored by millions of fans of all ages around the world, so we’re excited to announce our partnership. Reality Gaming Group has a strong track record of creating amazing entertainment experiences using blockchain technology, utilizing only the best content and most sustainable production techniques – we can’t wait to allow fans to use these NFTs to enter the metaverse as ‘Thunderbirds’ characters for the very first time.

This collaboration is the first step in bringing the world of international rescue to the new generation through the utilization of metaverse avatars, philanthropic DAOs, NFT drops, and Web 3.0 online experiences.

The fictional British television show Thunderbirds emphasized giving to the less fortunate. By utilizing the power of the NFT community, The Sandbox and Reality+ are turning Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club into an actual rescue organization.

The money raised from the sale of the VX avatars and other project components will go to a charity, DAO, that aids people all over the world. Future versions of Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club will also have a full Web3 game where players can dispatch their Thunderbird NFTs on quests to collect real-world rewards and airdrops.