Sandbox Game and investee Star Atlas partner together for the “game jam” contest


  • Sandbox and Star Atlas are teaming up for a metaverse contest.
  • “Game Jam” is live till November 13.
  • The winner will receive 20,000 SAND & Opal Bitboat Ship as a reward.

Sandbox has announced a partnership with Animoca Brand’s investee Star Atlas for their metaverse contest titled “Game Jam” where participants have to Star Atlas-inspired game and stand a chance to win amazing rewards including 20,000 SAND & Opal Bitboat Ship, 15,000 SAND & 2X Calico ATS Enforcer Ship & Calico Medtech Ship, and much more.

The Sandbox has become incredibly well-known among cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts for bridging the gap between established businesses and the opportunities that web3 technology has to offer. This thriving blockchain project is the brainchild of Animoca Brands, who have developed a straightforward yet engaging gaming experience for both new and experienced cryptocurrency players.

As of this writing, 169 collaboration experiences with some of the largest companies in the world have been secured by Animoca. With its unique gameplay that immediately seems familiar, The Sandbox is a free-to-play, play-to-earn game that makes a perfect introduction to the world of cryptocurrency gaming. Prices for this have significantly decreased, making it more acceptable for names of this calibre to participate thanks to their money and budgets.

Players may gain access to one-of-a-kind NFTs, metaverse concerts, fan and festival experiences, merchandising, new music, and actual events by participating in this. This place is a veritable mecca for Slipknot and heavy metal aficionados. They’re honoured to announce that Slipknot and Knotfest are the first groups in the heavy music genre to have a presence in The Sandbox open metaverse. – Sébastien Borget, CEO of The Sandbox. Direct access to the Newspaper’s extensive collection of photographs and graphics showing the region’s beauty was made available through NFTs.