Bruce Lee’s First Metaverse Debut Goes to BYTE CITY


  • BYTE CITY celebrates Bruce Lee’s legacy with his first Metaverse debut.
  • The collaboration offers an immersive experience for fans in the digital realm.
  • BYTE CITY aims to be a thriving hub for diverse digital communities.

Renowned social gaming platform BYTE CITY, is preparing to host Bruce Lee in his first-ever metaverse debut. As per reports, the cutting-edge network built for digital collectible enthusiasts, BYTE CITY, continues to shape the future of social gaming and digital interactions. This groundbreaking event celebrates the life and philosophy of the martial arts legend on the 50th anniversary of his passing.

Backed by Cordell Broadus, the son of international music icon Snoop Dogg, BYTE CITY adeptly weaves social interactions with digital collectibles in a casual gaming milieu. Consequently, it offers an unparalleled platform where brands can cultivate a faithful fanbase and inspire community participation.

Cordell Broadus, acting as BYTE CITY’s Chief Culture Officer, is especially thrilled about the collaboration. As a platform that bridges brands and the communities they serve, Broadus sees this partnership as an exciting opportunity to honor Bruce Lee’s legacy. Furthermore, he sees it as a latitude to deliver fans an authentic and engaging experience.

On the same accord, Roy Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of BYTE CITY, echoes Broadus’ sentiments. He perceives BYTE CITY as the ultimate hub for digital communities to interact and thrive. He notes that the platform’s commitment to enjoyable, multifaceted communication is crucial to cultivating diverse digital communities.

In addition, Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, is equally excited. She views this collaboration as a unique and beautiful way to honor her father’s legacy and keep his spirit alive.

“BYTE CITY provides a unique stage to honor my father’s legacy. This immersive event will allow the Bruce Lee community to connect and pay homage to my father in a singular way. It’s a heartfelt tribute that will ensure his spirit endures,” she explains.

Based on the sources, the world is invited to share in the celebration of Bruce Lee’s life and philosophy on the 50th anniversary of his passing. Moreover, all tributes to this martial art legend will be eternally minted on the blockchain. Significantly, this collaboration with BYTE CITY signifies Bruce Lee’s first appearance in a metaverse, offering his fans a unique digital experience.

In addition to Bruce Lee’s metaverse debut, BYTE CITY plans to announce more collaborations in the coming months. Besides being a platform, it is a dynamic, digital city, shaping the future for digital collectible enthusiasts.