CoinGecko & Decentral Games to launch exclusive ICE Poker skin


  • Decental Games partners with CoinGecko
  • 10,000 ICE Poker Skins will be launched on December 12.
  • The most recent ICE Poker Skin launch was claimed in less than 24 hours.

Decentral Games creates virtual world games and social experiences that attract tens of thousands of visitors each month. ICE Poker, the first metaverse poker network, is their actual game. To win significant rewards and virtual collectibles, play free poker, carry out daily tasks, or engage in competitions. 

An exclusive ICE Poker skin has been created by Decentral Games and CoinGecko, the world’s largest separate cryptocurrency data collection company, will hold a metaverse drop celebration. 

Players can use the CoinGecko skin to play ICE Poker and join tournaments. They can also use this skin to transform into the legendary CoinGecko’s Gecko in the virtual world.

CoinGecko has been a trustworthy source of guidance for millions of cryptocurrency investors for many years. Its purpose is to provide the crypto industry with a comprehensive picture of the industry.

The platform provides detailed information based on thousands of data points, including trading volume, community statistics, market capitalization, developer strength, and more, presently monitoring over 13,000 crypto assets from over 500 exchanges worldwide.

10,000 ICE Poker skin NFTs were made available on December 7 via CoinGecko’s loyalty program. In the Candy Reward Shop, customers can check in daily to accumulate loyalty points, known as “candy points,” and redeem different rewards. The CoinGecko audience was thrilled as the ICE Poker skin was in high demand.

As part of the Candy Reward shop, Decentral Gaming will provide another 10,000 ICE Poker skins on December 12. They’re airdropping all CoinGecko ICE Poker skins on December 16. 

Miles Anthony, CEO of Decentral Games, commented that the exceptional demand for the unique CoinGecko and ICE Poker Tournament wearable airdrops has been incredible. He also stated that all 10,000 were grabbed in less than 24 hours.

Bobby Ong, the co-founder and COO of CoinGecko, shared his excitement too, saying that Decentral Games’ ICE Poker is undoubtedly one of the most popular metaverse games, and their whole team is grateful for the love and craze. He feels blessed and honoured to be a partner at CoinGecko.