Phil Spencer interested in metaverse but uncertain about play-to-earn games


  • Phil Spencer has faith in the metaverse but is uncertain about P2E games.
  • Gamers belong to the metaverse for 30 years since games allow communication through 3D shared worlds.
  • Commercial utilization of the metaverse space has recently attracted interest from Microsoft and CEO Nadella.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer is positive about the metaverse; however, he is careful about P2E crypto games owing to their speculative and economic aspects. 

He suggested that a number of gamers are still not delighted about the existing concept of a metaverse; however, they have been in the metaverse worlds for decades. 

He further said:

When you’re playing games, if you’re playing a World of Warcraft game, you’re playing in Roblox, you’re playing in a racing game where everybody’s in a shared world.

Spencer’s perspective about the metaverse is that it is a 3D shared world; wherein, people can interact with one another and engage in common purposes and shared experiences. 

Gamers looking at metaverse and thinking they have their avatars already and can already enter a shared world and engage in voice conversations with people anywhere is nothing to feel surprised about, as per Spencer. 

Whatever Spencer said echo the words of Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who shared that they are making moves in the metaverse gaming.  He shared that Halo is a metaverse and so is Minecraft and Flight Sim. To an extent, they are 2D but the question that arises is whether it is possible to take that to a completely 3D World, which is already their plan to accomplish. 

Spencer has not mentioned controversial issues related to the metaverse like acquiring virtual property via NFTs

Mark Cuban, crypto supporter and billionaire investor, recently called investing in virtual property as the dumbest thing owing to lack of utility and scarcity. Mocking it, he claimed not to buy land on it.

Spencer confessed that monetization in games has existed for many years. He is concerned about games created on menial tasks to accumulate digital currency.

He did not dismiss play-to-earn’s concept completely but noted possibilities of use cases possible from this area.