Otherside Meta second load test to happen tomorrow, July 9


  • The First Trip of Otherside metaverse will launch on July 16.
  • The load tests are scheduled for July 6 and July 9 at 12 pm EST.
  • Only Otherside Deeds holders are eligible to participate.

On July 4, the Otherside metaverse announced through Twitter that it will carry out two load tests prior to the upcoming First Trip tech demo. The first test was scheduled for July 6 and the second one is scheduled for July 9. 

Other Otherdeed holders have been asked to join the metaverse testing to help direct the platform in the right direction. 

Both the load tests are token-gated, which means that to participate in the testing, holding at least one Otherdeed NFT is mandatory. Also, both the testing and the First Trip are meant to occur on desktop and laptop devices. 

Otherside shared the link right with the users before the event, which took place at 12 pm EST. The test lasted for about 25 minutes. To verify the Otherside ownership and get into the test, there was a gas-less signature.

As promised in the earlier tweet, Otherside shared the live update after the first load test went live. 

According to the details, the load tests and First Trip are playable in Europe and North America. However, a private livestream has been decided to allow all the voyagers including the ones in non-supported regions to experience the First Trip. 

Benefits related to the First Trip are eligible for all the livestream attendees. 

The load test initially starts with a total of 3,000 players, which increases by 1,000 player increments after an interval of every 2-3 minutes. Those who are unable to get in for that 2-3 minute block can retry in the next block. 

Upon the completion of the first load test, Garga.eth, co-founder of BAYC, shared a tweet that said about 2,500 concurrent users participated in the test.

As of now, let’s wait and watch what the second load test has in fate tomorrow.