Metaverse is Now the New Favorite of Music Giants


  • Big names like Spotify, Universal Music and Warner Music Group have entered metaverse.
  • Video game players fall into the major target audience list.
  • Gamers can meet avatars of popular music giants.

Spotify, the popular music streaming company is all set to taste the flavors of metaverse. By launching its personal virtual world on Roblox, it will enable gamers to explore a special theme park dedicated to K-pop; wherein, they can meet avatars of famous singer and musical band Sunmi and Stray Kids, respectively.

Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO of Spotify said:

Spotify immerses users in a world of audio no matter how or where they’re listening. Now, with Spotify Island on Roblox, we’re bringing new, unique experiences to fans and artists alike.

Besides Spotify, Warner Music Group too has bought a digital parcel on The Sandbox platform with an intention of creating a property that will double both as a music theme park and concert venue.

In her statement, Oana Ruxandra, chief digital officer and executive vice president for business development at Warner Music Group, said:

On the LAND, we’ll develop persistent, immersive social music experiences that defy real-world limitations and allow our artists and their fans to engage like never before.

Furthermore, Universal Music, world’s leading music company is also riding on the wheels of entering into the virtual world via a music group consisting of three virtual primates from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection and another primate from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection. Each primate will have a unique personality and story. Apart from performing virtual concerts, the group will take part in video games on a number of online platforms.

Both Spotify and Universal Music are looking forward to sell NFTs associated with Kingship activities like tickets to selected events or virtual merchandise and unreleased songs.

Despite it all looking like a treat for the music lovers and video game addicts, efforts are required to grab their attention and turn them into loyal fans. However, since real music freaks and gamers don’t mind spending hefty amount to indulge into their passion, winning their interest will surely open the doors of success.

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