$360,000 (200 ETH) Worth of NFTs Stolen From BAYC’s Discord Server! Phishing Attack!


  • BAYC Discord server was hacked, with the attacker making off with 200 ETH.
  • The attackers stole One BAYC and two Mutant Apes tokens.
  • The hack resulted from a phishing attack on the Discord account of Boris Vagner, the project’s community manager.

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s servers were hacked over the weekend; thereby, causing a loss of up to 200 ETH, which amounts to a hefty price of $360,000. According to data from blockchain security firm PeckShield, in the fraud, one BAYC and two Mutant Apes tokens were stolen.

Possible reason behind the attack was a phishing attack on Boris Vagner, the project’s community manager’s Discord account. Vagner’s login credentials were used by the attacker to post false links in the Discord channels of the official BAYC and its linked metaverse project, Otherside.

The breach was first noticed by Twitter user NFTherder who traced the stolen assets to four separate wallets worth an estimated 145 ETH.

Yuga Labs, the creators of BAYC and the Otherside metaverse confirmed the attack through a tweet on their Twitter account.

Investigating the hack, Yuga Labs has warned its potential customers about the contents of these phishing messages. In a tweet, Yuga Labs clarified not offering surprise mints or giveaways.

Vagner ​​is also his brother’s manager who is the Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist Richard Vagner and co-founder of an NFT fantasy football club called Spoiled Banana Society (SPS) with Boris.

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Richard said that the attacker posted a phishing link in the SPS Discord channel, though the message was then deleted.

Posting a tweet, he shared the update and asked the users to stay safe.

Richard Vagner further said:

We’ll be getting all the tabs back up in the following days & let us know if there’s anything else he messed with.

In the same SBS Discord message Richard confirmed that the BAYC and Otherside Discords were also hacked. He wrote, “pls stay safe.”

Responding to the incident that happened on Saturday, one BAYC founder blamed Discord for the lapse in security and tweeted:

Whereas, another crypto project founder blamed the users themselves for compromising their wallets and tweeted: