Casio Unveils Virtual G-Shock Watches as Ethereum NFTs with Exclusive Perks


  • Casio, a Japanese electronics giant, ventures into the NFT space with a limited-edition collection of digital art featuring their iconic G-Shock brand.
  • The NFT offering includes 2,000 art pieces showcasing futuristic “Virtual G-Shock” designs, priced at 0.1 ETH each.
  • The company hints at potential collaborations with NFT holders for co-creating new digital Casio products.

Japanese electronics giant Casio has made a bold move into the world of NFTs, offering a limited-edition collection of digital art collectibles featuring their iconic G-Shock brand of watches. This marks Casio’s second venture into the NFT space, following the successful debut of free G-Shock Creator Pass NFTs on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon back in September.

The latest offering consists of 2,000 NFT art pieces, showcasing two futuristic and imaginative “Virtual G-Shock” designs. These designs push the boundaries of what’s possible with traditional physical materials and offer collectors a unique digital experience.

Priced at 0.1 ETH each, roughly equivalent to $230 at the time of writing, the 1,000 editions of each Virtual G-Shock design promise more than just digital art. Owners of these Ethereum NFTs will enjoy a range of exclusive benefits, including behind-the-scenes access to Casio. They will have the opportunity to tour the G-Shock Endurance Test Laboratory in Tokyo, where they can witness the rigorous durability testing that has made the G-Shock brand legendary.

Additionally, NFT collectors will participate in roundtable discussions with Casio’s designers, gaining insight into the creative process behind the virtual G-Shock models. They will also receive exclusive design materials associated with these digital watches and will be given the first right to purchase the next wave of Virtual G-Shock NFTs.

Casio has even hinted at potential future collaborations with NFT holders to co-create new digital Casio products, demonstrating their commitment to digital and physical innovation.

Oh Takahashi, Casio’s Senior General Manager of Timepieces, expressed the company’s dedication to deepening its engagement with the G-Shock community, stating, “These special incentives for collectors show our passion for innovation in both the digital and physical realms. We aim to deepen our engagement with the G-Shock community, bringing them into the heart of our innovation process.”

With this move, Casio has joined the ranks of companies exploring the NFT space, offering enthusiasts not unique digital art but also exclusive experiences and opportunities, making it an exciting development for collectors and fans of the iconic G-Shock brand.