$1,000,000 In Ethereum Looted By Infamous Hacker ‘Monkey Drainer’


  • A crypto scammer “Monkey Drainer” looted $1 Million in Etherium in the past 24 hours.
  • Victims lost $3,70,000 including 36,400 USDC, 1 CloneX & BAYC, NFTs, Ethereum, Bitcoin, & Tether.
  • A self-proclaimed detective ‘ZackXBT’ uncovered this phishing attack but was too late by then.

In the past 24 hours, a notorious hacker and scammer by the name ‘Monkey Draier’ looted almost $1 Million, which translates to roughly 700 ETH. The users holding crypto & NFTs whose wallets ended with 0x626 and 0x02a were the major victims of this scam. The victims lost around $370,000 worth of money owing to this scam. 

Initially, this incident was considered to be a hack, but they realized that it was actually a phishing attack, played out against vulnerable users.

One victim reported a loss of about $150,000 comprising 36,400 USDC, 1 CloneX, 1 BAYC, & 12 NFTs. The other victim also lost $220,000 comprising cryptos like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether & other sport NFTs. This attack started with malicious links embedded inside emails which mimicked the look of the original websites. The users were tricked into connecting their wallets and signing off crypto transactions.

A self-proclaimed detective by the name ZackXBT on Twitter first uncovered this phishing attack. But it was too late because the scammers had already stolen nearly 1 million dollars by then. These lost properties included both cryptocurrencies and NFTs

The year 2022 has seen a growing list of scams in crypto, with the Monkey Drainer scam being one of the major ones. These sort of attacks have been orchestrated before using malicious links & phishing websites. It is not the first time in the crypto world, but the growing numbers of such scams is really creeping the hell out of the NFT and crypto holders lately.