Square Enix Reveals Auction Schedule for Symbiogenesis Non-Fungible Tokens


  • Square Enix, known for the Final Fantasy series, is venturing into the NFT space with its blockchain game Symbiogenesis.
  • The game combines narrative-driven gameplay with Ethereum-based NFTs, marking a new direction for the company in blockchain technology.
  • Symbiogenesis auctions are divided into three phases, starting with an exclusive event for early backers on Nov 27 and 28.

Square Enix, the renowned developer behind the Final Fantasy series, has recently unveiled its latest venture into the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) by announcing auction dates for its upcoming blockchain game, Symbiogenesis. Set to revolutionize the gaming and digital collectible experience, Symbiogenesis introduces a unique blend of narrative-driven gameplay and Ethereum-based NFTs. This innovative approach marks a significant stride in Square Enix’s exploration of blockchain technology following their successful introduction of Final Fantasy NFT trading cards earlier this year.

The auctions for Symbiogenesis NFTs are scheduled in three distinct phases, each offering a different array of digital collectibles. The first phase, slated for Nov 27 to 28, is an exclusive event targeting early backers, termed “stakeholders.” This phase will feature a selection of facet and mesh characters intricately designed to capture the essence of the Symbiogenesis universe. This exclusive access underscores the company’s appreciation for early investors’ support.

Following this, the second auction phase, from Nov 30 to Dec 4, and the third phase, from Dec 2 to 3, will open doors to a broader audience. Eligibility for these phases was determined through an allowlist entry campaign, which Square Enix conducted from Nov 7 to 21. This campaign was an engaging blend of quizzes and a treasure hunt within a prototype of the game world, adding an interactive element to the qualification process.

Top performers in the campaign, specifically the 50 highest scorers, along with 40 randomly chosen participants from the 51st to 300th rank, earned the privilege to acquire NFTs in the second phase. The remaining participants can bid in the third phase, ensuring an inclusive participation spectrum.

Symbiogenesis, described as a “narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment” game, is more than a digital collectible platform. It promises an immersive story-driven experience intertwined with the ownership and trade of unique NFTs. The scheduled launch date for this ambitious project is Dec 21, a day anticipated by gaming and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Square Enix’s move into blockchain gaming reflects the company’s adaptability and innovative spirit in the ever-evolving digital entertainment landscape. With a legacy of over 173 million units sold in the Final Fantasy series alone, Square Enix’s foray into NFTs with Symbiogenesis is not just an expansion of their digital offerings but a testament to their commitment to staying at the forefront of gaming technology. As the gaming world eagerly awaits the arrival of Symbiogenesis, it stands as a beacon of the exciting possibilities that blockchain technology brings to interactive storytelling and digital ownership.