Param Labs Partners with Pixelverse to Enhance Web3 Gaming


  • Param Labs partners with Pixelverse to enhance the Kiraverse game.
  • The collaboration will reward dedicated players with in-game assets.
  • This partnership aims to drive mass adoption and engagement in Web3 gaming.

Param Labs, a leading game and infrastructure development company, has announced a strategic cross-IP partnership with Pixelverse. Pixelverse is a cyberpunk quest-based browser game and Telegram mini-app. This collaboration will integrate the Pixelverse IP into Param Labs’ upcoming shooter game, Kiraverse. This partnership aims to enhance Kiraverse’s narrative and expand its universe.

The new partners are united in their desire to reward their most dedicated players. They will ensure a fair distribution of their respective tokens to early supporters. By moving away from traditional airdrop models and offering more utility through game asset rewards, Param Labs and Pixelverse are putting tokens in the hands of active and deserving players. This innovative approach aligns with their shared commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged Web3 gaming community.

The cross-game assets partnership will enable Pixelverse’s characters to be seamlessly integrated into Kiraverse. This allows the 500,000 Monthly Active Users of Pixelverse to play with the skin of their favorite character in Kiraverse. By leveraging each other’s strengths and communities, the partners will provide unprecedented value and engagement opportunities for their respective user bases.

Pixelverse CEO Kirill expressed his excitement about the collaboration. He stated, “Collaborating with Param Labs brings real utility to the Web3 community. We are excited for our players to enjoy their favorite characters in Kiraverse, reflecting the true spirit of Web3 integration.”

By leveraging one another’s strengths and communities, Pixelverse and Param Labs hope to drive mass adoption. They aim to create a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience for players around the globe.

In conclusion, the partnership between Param Labs and Pixelverse marks a significant step in enhancing Web3 gaming. This collaboration will offer more utility and engagement for players, moving beyond traditional reward models. Both companies are committed to creating a vibrant and dynamic gaming community, providing valuable experiences for their users.