The Sandbox and Sandsoft Partner for Middle East Gaming Expansion


  • The Sandbox collaborates with Riyadh’s mobile-first game developer, Sandsoft.
  • The partnership marks The Sandbox’s aim to extend its presence in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East.
  • Sandsoft, celebrated for its AAA-rated gaming experts, is set to lead initiatives attracting regional video gaming talents.

The Sandbox has forged a strategic alliance with Riyadh-based mobile-first game developer Sandsoft. This collaboration underlines The Sandbox’s intent to broaden its reach in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. Sandsoft, known for its AAA-rated gaming talent, will spearhead the push to entice local talent in the video gaming sector, paving the way for increased educational and employment prospects within the locale.

Moreover, the partnership isn’t merely about market expansion. The Sandbox and Sandsoft are set on constructing a robust team of Web3 gaming aficionados. This team aims to develop meaningful affiliations with local public and private entities, influential personalities, and major brands. Their combined vision focuses on probing into gamified social experiences within The Sandbox. Consequently, the mission also includes galvanizing local artistic aptitude, ushering in and training developers, and integrating artists into The Sandbox’s expansive ecosystem.

Sebastien Borget, the COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration. He emphasized the potential for Middle Eastern brands and creators to tap into The Sandbox’s vast creative reservoir. Additionally, he highlighted how the partnership would infuse The Sandbox’s international ecosystem with the cultural richness and historical legacy of Saudi Arabia.

Echoing these sentiments, David Fernandez, the CEO of Sandsoft, underscored the immense potential that The Sandbox presents for a diverse array of stakeholders, from game developers to consumers, hailing from the Middle East and North Africa. He voiced his optimism about the union, which he believes will further Sandsoft’s existing endeavors to cultivate talent within the regional gaming landscape.

Sandsoft, with its international team of over 60 individuals, is on an upward trajectory, positioning itself as a formidable force in mobile-first gaming. Significantly, Sandsoft’s ‘Press Start’ internship initiative aims to offer budding talents in Saudi Arabia a unique platform. Here, they can hone their game development skills, guided by eminent figures from the gaming world, including VP Studio Yahsir Qureshi and CTO Ahmed Sharif, both of whom have illustrious associations with industry giants like EA, Zynga, Meta, and Sony.