Captain Tsubasa NFT Soccer Game Debuts on Oasys Blockchain


  • The Captain Tsubasa NFT soccer game has debuted on the Oasys blockchain, blending anime nostalgia with blockchain technology.
  • Fans can collect and develop character NFTs, form teams, and play in various modes, including PvP and 11 vs 11 matches.
  • The launch highlights the growing trend of integrating blockchain technology into interactive entertainment and gaming.

The popular Japanese manga and anime series Captain Tsubasa has launched its nonfungible token (NFT) soccer game on the Oasys blockchain, a platform dedicated to Web3 gaming. This new development, announced on May 20, offers fans a unique way to engage with the beloved series. The game was created by Web3 development platforms Mint Town and Blocksmith and was first introduced in 2022 before its official launch on January 12, 2023.

Mint Town CEO Hiroshi Kunimitsu highlighted that integrating the game into the Oasys blockchain enhances the interactive experience for fans. Players can collect NFTs of characters from the original series, develop these characters, form teams, and play in various modes. The game includes a Rival mode, where players can revisit the original storyline, a player-versus-player (PvP) mode for online matches, and an Arena mode for 11 versus 11 soccer matches.

To celebrate the game’s launch on Oasys, Genesis NFTs will feature enhancements such as increased energy points for players. The game’s release underscores the potential of blockchain technology to elevate interactive entertainment and gaming. Meanwhile, the Web3 gaming sector is witnessing a resurgence as cryptocurrency prices recover. For instance, on May 15, Immutable released the Guild of Guardians game on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Additionally, on May 13, the Web3 game Pixels surpassed one million daily active players and generated $4.4 million in token revenue, achieving a $2.7 billion valuation after migrating to the Ronin blockchain on February 22.

The introduction of the Captain Tsubasa NFT soccer game on the Oasys blockchain marks a significant step in combining classic anime with modern blockchain technology. This launch not only revitalizes a cherished series but also showcases the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming, attracting both fans and gamers to this innovative platform.