Open Campus Taps Care Bears for Educational Games on Climate Change


  • Open Campus partners with Care Bears to develop fun educational games on climate change using the TinyTap platform.
  • The collaboration aims to teach children about environmental conservation and sustainability engagingly.
  • Innovative use of NFTs and digital collectibles to enhance the learning experience for young minds.

Open Campus, an educational technology protocol, has recently announced an exciting partnership with Cloudco Entertainment’s beloved children’s property, Care Bears, per a recent X post. Together, they aim to develop educational games focused on the pressing topic of climate change. This collaboration seeks to leverage the iconic and heartwarming characters of the Care Bears franchise to engage a new generation of young learners in caring for the planet.

The partnership will center around TinyTap, a platform known for its creation and sharing of educational games. Open Campus will acquire a license to utilize the Care Bears’ intellectual property in developing interactive games that impart important lessons about environmental conservation and sustainability. The main goal is to educate children on the significance of caring for our planet in a fun and engaging way.

Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap and Council Member of Open Campus, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating;

combining the power of TinyTap with the iconic and beloved characters of the Care Bears franchise, we believe we can create games that are not only fun and engaging but also teach important lessons about sustainability and the environment.

Additionally, Robert Prinzo, Head of Licensing at Cloudco Entertainment, conveyed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing how the Care Bears’ message of sharing, caring, friendship, and courage would extend into the digital world through interactive games and content. According to persons familiar with the matter, the ultimate aim is to inspire and empower young minds to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Additionally, the collaboration will explore innovative ways to enhance the educational experience using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Open Campus’ Publisher NFTs, which tokenize content, will play a role in this endeavor. According to the release, introducing co-branded digital collectibles will also delight fans and collectors while further engaging children in the learning process.

The educational games will reportedly be made available on the TinyTap platform in the coming months, providing a valuable resource for parents, educators, and young learners alike. The partnership’s commitment to encouraging sustainability and environmental awareness in children holds the promise of fostering a generation that actively cares for the planet.