Second Auction of Animoca Brands and TinyTap brings total to 51 ETH


  • Animoca and TinyTap shared auction proceeds with 12 educators.
  • The collaboration is encouraging teachers to use the Web3 platform for more income.
  • The highest bid was for 19.5 ETH in the second auction.

In partnership with TinyTap, the leading platform for informative games, Animoca Brands promotes digital property rights for games and the open metaverse. 

TinyTap Brands, which advances digital property rights for gaming and the open metaverse, announced today that six TinyTap Publisher NFTs were sold for 104.55 ETH, which paid out 51 ETH to six educators who created the data connected to the Publisher NFTs.

The outcome of this second bidding defined the successful conclusion of TinyTap’s Publisher NFTs’ genesis sale, which initiated a unique utilization for NFTs as co-publishing techniques that strengthen collaborative income and employment for teachers and publishing houses while providing enriched learning alternatives for families.

The winning bid is just another move towards Animoca Brands and TinyTap’s objective of developing a new Web3 system of education that appreciates instructors by increasing their income potential.

Learning Primary and Secondary Colors was the NFT that went for the most money at the second sale, receiving 19.5 ETH.

The very first sale, conducted in November, had gone out for roughly US$228,000, and the combined proceeds from both events were estimated at US$351,000.

Every Author NFT symbolizes co-publishing permissions for one TinyTap Course, a compiled list of learning games developed on TinyTap by a single instructor in a subject. NFT customers act as co-publishers with TinyTap and the educator who designed the program, and all parties involved profit from co-publishing activities.

This bidding process demonstrated that substantial changes in education systems worldwide may be made while convincing others.