Animoca Brands and TinyTap partner to launch NFTs


  • TinyTap’s second series of NFTs is coming.
  • The auction of NFTs created by educators is on December 12.
  • Teachers on TinyTap aim to create technology.

Animoca Brands, the company developing virtual property ownership for gaming and the open metaverse, and its joint venture partner TinyTap, the leading forum for user-generated educational apps, today announced that the second season of teacher-authored Publisher NFTs will be auctioned off on OpenSea on December 15, 2022.

A TinyTap Course is a customised collection of instructional games created on the TinyTap platform by one educator in a certain subject. Owners of these NFTs join TinyTap and the teacher who authored the course as co-publishers. 

NFT purchasers participate in the advantages earned by co-publishing efforts in exchange for promoting and marketing the connected courses.

TinyTap is a code-free platform that allows teachers to create and share interactive educational content while earning a profit share from users. TinyTap’s recently unveiled Publisher NFTs combine Web3 technology and the community to increase financial possibilities for educators, enable new earning and advertising choices for co-publishers, and empower the community to actively promote learning progress. 

Instructors on TinyTap currently receive money for creating content in a standard Web2 framework, but the Web3-based Publisher NFTs allow them to greatly increase their earnings.

Teachers who participate get 50% of the total profits from the sale of the publisher NFTs associated with their courses, as well as a 10% continuing share of any revenue produced by such courses. Publisher NFT buyers are entitled to up to 80% of any money produced by their NFTs’ courses as a consequence of their promotional activities.

TinyTap demonstrated the feasibility of publisher NFTs in November 2022 with a sold-out first auction that generated 138.926 ETH. 67.7 ETH went to the professors who created the curriculum for the NFTs.

TinyTap’s publisher, NFTs, significantly contributes to their aim of creating technologies that enable communities to produce, maintain, and distribute valuable education. They are delighted to welcome the Web3 community into their creator community for educational games, says Yogev Shelly, CEO of TinyTap.