Astar Network to Debut zkEVM Mainnet This Month Alongside Exciting Yoki Origins Campaign


  • Astar Network plans to launch Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon’s mainnet in February 2024, offering a Layer 2 solution for Ethereum.
  • In the “Yoki Origins” campaign, users can discover Japanese-inspired Yokais and collect them while exploring Astar zkEVM projects.
  • Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Network, is proud of using Polygon’s tech to connect Japan with the global Web3 ecosystem and bring exciting projects to the forefront.

Astar Network, a prominent Web3 infrastructure platform rooted in Japan and expanding globally, has exciting news to share with the crypto community. In late February 2024, the Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon is set to launch its mainnet, introducing a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. This development is accompanied by the debut of a distinctive launch campaign named “Yoki Origins.” Astar zkEVM aims to provide a secure, scalable, and gas-efficient platform for Web3 projects and enterprises. Leveraging Ethereum’s robust ecosystem and powered by Polygon’s Chain Development Kit, it exposes Ethereum’s vast developer resources and industry-standard infrastructure providers.

Several crypto-native projects and service providers already utilize Astar zkEVM to craft engaging experiences. These include Quickswap, the leading DEX on Polygon; LayerZero, an omnichannel interoperability protocol fostering full interoperability between Astar zkEVM and the Astar parachain; The Graph, an indexing protocol simplifying access to blockchain data through GraphQL; Rarible, an aggregated NFT marketplace for Ethereum NFTs and Astar zkEVM NFTs; Dew, one of Polygon’s largest NFT marketplaces; and Startale Labs, Astar’s premier Web3 infrastructure provider. In addition to these crypto projects, many of Japan’s leading enterprises are poised to integrate with Astar zkEVM, bringing exclusive use cases to the Astar community.

Following the mainnet launch, Astar Network will kick off “Yoki Origins,” inviting users on a journey to discover Astar Network’s original characters inspired by Japanese Yokais, affectionately known as “Yokis.” More than 40 Web3 projects, creators, and enterprises will join this interactive campaign, allowing users to collect and upgrade Yokis while exploring projects on Astar zkEVM. The campaign will facilitate social logins and credit card payments, ensuring accessibility for everyone, even those new to the world of Web3.

Astar Network plans to unveil participating projects featuring international brands and talents shortly. Users can acquire customized Yo-Ports corresponding to each project, identified by brand name and logo.

Maarten Henskens, Head of Astar Network, expressed pride in their pioneering use of Polygon’s zero-knowledge technology and Chain Development Kit to enter the Ethereum ecosystem. Astar zkEVM aims to build a bridge between Japan and the broader Web3 ecosystem, with exciting projects from top Japanese enterprises and famous IPs soon to be revealed.

In conclusion, Astar Network’s impending mainnet launch of Astar zkEVM Powered by Polygon and the accompanying “Yoki Origins” campaign signal a significant development in the Web3 space. With a strong emphasis on security, scalability, and user engagement, Astar zkEVM is poised to make a lasting impact on the Ethereum ecosystem while celebrating its Japanese origins. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey.