Scott Eastwood to launch Ethereum NFTs to support charity, If You Chug a Beer


  • Scott Eastwood, an actor and an entrepreneur, has announced launching three NFT drops from October to December.
  • Since NFTs are still new, Eastwood believes this is why it is not possible for anyone to be an expert.
  • Eastwood is launching 25 NFTs through Pastel’s SmartMint tool.

Scott Eastwood has collaborated with Pastel to offer Scott Eastwood Ethereum NFTs for free. 

The actor opened up that scams about NFTs were the reason he was hesitant about entering into NFTs. 

After connecting with Anthony Georgiades, Pastel Network co-founder, Eastwood jumped into NFTs and is set to launch 25 NFTs through Pastel’s SmartMint tool.

From October to December, Eastwood will launch three monthly NFT drops. The first drop is  pop culture- themed styled Scott Eastwood’s portraits. 

The portraits will show Eastwood as a series of different comic books as well as pop culture legends such as Rambo, Wolverine and The Flash. 

According to Eastwood, the NFTs will unlock perks associated with IRL. Those who own one portrait will have unique memorabilia signed by Eastwood along with tickets to the premiere of Tin Soldier, his upcoming movie. 

The second drop will display a still from Eastwood’s movie and will provide its owners’ access to memorabilia from the movie, unparalleled stills and a donation of $5,000 in their name to veterans or armed forces charity of their choice. 

Those who want to get their hands on the third NFT drop are required to finish the “Eastwood Challenge” on social media.

The challenge is wholesome but involves beer. Participants will film themselves shotgunning a beer followed by describing their favorite charity; however, they can’t burp while doing it. Pastel will donate to the charities of the winners.

Eastwood believes that digital art will last and non-fungible tokens can revolutionize how we verify as well as save data such as real estate and medical records.