Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment sets up a joint venture with (Art)ificial tech studio


  • Justin Lin’s production banner, Perfect Storm Entertainment, set a joint venture with (Art)ificial, the art, and tech studio behind Galaxy Eggs, an NFT sci-fi collection.
  • The two firms are set to share the underlying rights to the complete Galaxy Eggs saga, as the franchise now includes Galaxy Warriors and Galaxy Eggs.
  • Perfect Storm will now be able to explore cross-platform franchise opportunities to build out the universe and emerge as a pioneer in a new way to create and release content.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that the production banner of Justin Lin, Perfect Storm Entertainment, has set a joint venture with the popular art and tech studio behind the NFT sci-fi collection named Galaxy Eggs (Art)ificial. As per the joint venture, the two firms will be sharing the underlying rights to the entire Galaxy Eggs saga. 

You must note that the franchise includes Galaxy Warriors, Galaxy Eggs, and Galaxy Genesis, which is soon to be released. Being the co-owners and co-producers of the series, the production house will be capable of exploring cross-platform franchising opportunities. 

This will further facilitate the building of the universe and pave a new way of creating and releasing content. As revealed, Andrew Schneider will be responsible for overseeing the project for Perfect Storm. Well, there is certainly no denying the fact that this deal is a unique one as PSE and (Art)ificial are reverse engineering that process. 

The collaboration is intended to be the first firm to build a Hollywood franchise from original NFT art. Lin and Schneider shared their thoughts on the same and addressed that this time is really exciting. In addition, they mentioned that Mr. Bob, Gal, and Gili Gilik had facilitated the creation of an entire immersive digital universe. 

They went on to address that their aim is to create a franchise from the ground that will be inspired by Gal’s artwork. Barkan, the artist behind the collections, released a statement that said:

This is an amazing vote of confidence in the Galaxy Eggs brand. Justin Lin and the Perfect Storm team are phenomenal, and I can’t think of better partners to join us in this journey and build the Galaxy Eggs franchise.