Game of Thrones NFTs decoys criticism for ‘poorly drawn’ characters


  • The crypto community showers criticism over poorly drawn characters in the new Game of Thrones NFT assets, the “Build Your Realm” collection.
  • GoT fans embraced the new NFT experience irrespective of the criticism over the designs of characters.
  • The NFT collection was sold out on the Nifty’s market in just seven hours on Tuesday afternoon Eastern Time.

With the launch of the new NFT collection from Game of Thrones, the “Build Your Realm” collection, the crypto community is left with discussions on the design quality of the characters. The collection was sold out on the same day it was released, January 10, and that too in a matter of just 7 hours. 

Even though the collection was sold out in a single day, there have been complaints from the fans of Game of Thrones regarding the poorly drawn characters and salad fingers that were featured in the NFTs of GoT characters. 

The Game of Thrones: Build Your Realm Hero Box NFT collection was sold out on the Nifty’s market in just seven hours on Tuesday afternoon Eastern Time. It should be noted that the collection witnessed a pre-sale of around 3,450 Hero Boxes, and 1,500 Hero Boxes were further sold to the public following the completion of the pre-sale. 

The boxes were comprised of story card NFTs, a single Game of Thrones hero avatar NFT, and resource card collectibles. Given the information that the Hero Boxes and Hero Avatars are being sold for Ethereum, the GoT NFTs are witnessing secondary market action on OpenSea

Jeff Marsilio, the Co-Founder and CEO of Nifty’s, released a statement regarding the same that said their teams had worked diligently in order to facilitate the creation of an interactive collecting experience for Game of Thrones fans so that they can continue their journey and live within their favorite series. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that they were thrilled to introduce even more fanatics to the Web3 and digital collectibles industries. 
In accordance with the statistics revealed by, the GoT NFT collection of Hero Boxes is holding the 13th position in terms of sales. As per the stats, the GoT NFT collection has witnessed $506,673 in 24-hour sales volume among 2,894 transactions and 991 purchasers.