New Lamborghini NFT collection to release on VeVe


  • VeVe and Lamborghini are working together to publish digital memorabilia of their vintage sports cars.
  • The NFTs are expected to list on VeVe on February 19 and will feature the Huracán STO model with several unusual features.
  • According to Crothers, a lot of people have fantasies of owning or even just driving a Lamborghini.

The Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace VeVe are collaborating to publish digital collectibles of its classic sports cars.

The Huracán STO model with a variety of rare qualities will be featured in the NFTs, which are scheduled to be listed on VeVe on February 19. After making a purchase, collectors can use the app’s virtual showrooms to display their NFTs, post them on their VeVe social feeds, and utilize augmented reality (AR) to view and “drive” their vehicles on real-world streets.

Dan Crothers, a co-founder of VeVe, told CoinDesk that he was excited to provide Lamborghini enthusiasts with a new way to experience their beloved car and that he hoped the collection would attract sports car enthusiasts to Web3.

Many people, according to Crothers, fantasize about owning or even just driving a Lamborghini. He continued, “The nice thing about their community of ardent collectors is that they love collecting.” They also believe that doing this would encourage auto aficionados to enter the realm of digital collectibles as well.

The “Epic Road Tour” NFTs from Lamborghini were previously available, but the brand isn’t the first high-end car maker to enter the Web3. Porsche produced several NFTs depicting its flagship 911 car last month, but they encountered difficulties and received harsh feedback from authors on the company’s “hurried” Web3 strategy. 

The German automaker responded to community criticism by capping its mint. Alfa Romeo and McClaren both completed their maiden NFT-powered laps in 2017.

For its collectors, Lamborghini opened an exclusive tour of its renowned headquarters in Italy as well as a one-of-a-kind metaverse trip experience spanning New York, Japan, and Dubai through the NFT collection. Also, the October 24 first batch minting will send users on a thrilling metaverse tour of Times Square, New York.

On the official Lamborghini NFT marketplace, the NFTs are currently being auctioned off for $196 each over 4 days.