Milk Road publishes daily report of NFT royalties


  • Otherdeed made 49.9 million dollars from royalties.
  • BAYC and MAYC from Yuga Labs earned $57.9 million.
  • 3landers and Supernormal NFT each received 6.4 million USD.

Milk Road Daily has projected the royalty revenue of NFT projects. On January 2, 2023, they posted a chart that clearly shows which NFT project is gaining the most royalties. The royalties are worth millions of dollars.

The top NFT on the chart is Otherdeeds, which earned $49.9 million. Otherdeed is the starting point for claiming land on Otherside. Each has a distinct ecosystem and sediments, some with minerals, some with great antiques.

Next to Otherdeeds NFT, Azuki holds the place with $41.5 million. Azuki is a Web3 company that debuted with the release of the Azuki NFTs. Since its beginning in early 2022, the gathering of 10,000 distinct non-fungible tokens has been a huge success.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 Ethereum blockchain NFTs. These NFTs are graphical portrayals of cartoon-like apes with unique information such as the creatures’ backgrounds, jewelry, attire, fur, and eyes. BAYC got $32.3 million in royalties last year.

MAYC earned $25.6 million in royalties last year. Yuga Labs’ Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a non-fungible token collection. MAYC, which contains up to 20,000 mutant apes, is the follow-up to the hugely popular Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. According to the chart, it holds the sixth position.

CloneX comes in fourth place with $27.2 million in royalties from last year. Nike and RTFKT’s CloneX NFT collection includes 20,000 3D avatar NFTs nicknamed “Clones” that were designed with a specific goal in mind.

Moonbirds, the invention of American businessman Kevin Rose, are a collection of 10,000 NFTs that were released in portions to much excitement and publicity. Last year, they received $27 million from royalties.

Doodles received $17.1 million in royalties. Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro produced Doodles, a set of 10,000 creative NFTs.

It was followed by RTFKT MNLTH with $16.5 million, NFT Worlds with $12.8 million, and Beanz with $11.2 million. Murakami Flowers Seed comes next with $10.8 million, and Adidas ITM follows it with $9.5 million in royalties.

Phanta Bear earned $8.4 million, Hape Prime got $8.2 million, and Prime Ape Planet’s royalties from last year were $7.9 million. Goblin Town has $7.4 million. Karafuru’s royalties were $7.3 million.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s Veefriends is ranked number 18, and their NFT collection received $6.6 million. 3landers and Supernormal NFT earned $6.4 million each.