An insight into the ins and outs of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs

Mutant Ape Yacht Club was born on August 28, 2021, and belongs to one of the most valued NFTs, Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

MAYC NFTs are a collection of 20k mutant apes. Acquiring the NFTs simply is not possible, as exposing the Bored Ape NFT to a vital mutant serum is the way to claim it. Another way is minting when the public sale goes on. 

Out of the 20k NFTs released, 10k were allocated to the owners of BAYC. The remaining half was allocated for public sale and could be purchased from OpenSea

Within an hour of launch, the collection exceeded $96 million, increasing the price. In less than one year, the Ape exceeded $1 billion in earnings. 

Talking about the mint price, initially, it was 3 ETH; however, within nine hours, it was changed to 0.01 ETH. 

How does MAYC work?

The Mutant serum has three stages- M1, M2, and M3, or the Mega Mutant. There were 7,500 M1s, 2,492 M2s, and 8 M3 Mutants.

Upon exposure to M1 and M2 serums, the Bored Ape acquires the same look. However, the result of exposure to M3 or Mega Mutant remains a mystery. 

The serum can be used by an existing owner of a Bored ape to get a new token when retaining the previous one. 

It’s worth knowing that one Bored Ape can ingest one type of serum just once. In other words, upon ingesting M1, M2 or M3 vials, one BAYC NFT can lead to three different Mutants. 

Though the serum is burnt post use, the real BAYC NFT remains as it is even when an owner uses it to make a Mutant.

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Mega Mutant serums

Mega Mutant serum NFTs have always been unique, but their uniqueness increases when serums are taken. As of now, there are only two Mega Mutant serums left. This is the reason both M3 serum sales as well as mutations are extremely standard events in the world of NFTs

The rarity of Mutant serums boosts Ape’s value 

The increased value of MAYC NFT is directly proportional to the rarity of Mutant serums. Owing to more demand and rarity, a vial of the Mega Mutant serum was sold for $5.8 million despite being claimed by the token holder of BAYC for free. Also, M1 and M2 are not equally rare as M3 earns ample money. 

What is Mutant Arcade?

BAYC announced the Mutant Arcade game, which was available for 3 days only. BAYC’s founder Curtis is the game’s main character. The game is all about beating the Mutant Ape and escaping Mutant Ape Yacht Club. 

The winner had to enter their wallet address. After three days, BAYC airdropped a POAP, declaring the winner’s victory over the Mutant. 

Advantages of a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT

  1. Exclusivity and social status are the biggest perks of owning a mutant ape. Displaying a MAYC as a profile picture on social media makes one a proud owner of the NFT.
  2. The next benefit is being a community member with popular celebrities and influencers.
  3. Members of MAYC will have the opportunity to earn tokens in the forthcoming play-to-earn blockchain game of BAYC.
  4. Upon selling the NFT, the profit one can earn is amazing, as the DeFi industry will grow continuously. 

The ApeCoin

Mutant Ape Yacht Club’s addition to the launch of ApeCoin was a great success. The news of the token launch ruled the NFT streets. During its launch, the token was meant for BAYC and MAYC owners only. The coin could be traded on key exchanges from the very beginning. 

2,042 tokens per Mutant or 2,898 tokens per Mutant & BAKC NFT pair were claimed by the NFT holders of Mutant Ape.

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Otherside & MAYC 

After launching the ApeCoin, Yuga Labs dropped a teaser for Otherside on March 19. The trailer featured an Ape wearing flip-flops & a hat while smoking a cigarette.  

Moreover, Yuga Labs announced that Otherside will be powered by ApeCoin.

Celebrities who own MAYC NFT

  1. Lil Baby, the American rapper is the owner of MAYC #129. 
  2. Mike Shonda holds a number of MAYC NFTs. 
  3. Shaquille O’Neal purchased his MAYC NFT in September worth $14,000 ETH and displayed it as his Twitter avatar. 
  4. Others on the list include Drake Bell, Snoop Dogg, and Steve Aoki.


What are mutant apes?

Any NFT that belongs to the Mutant Ape Yacht Club is known as a mutant ape. 

How much does a mutant ape cost?

At a floor price of 15.99 ETH, the current 7-day average price is 16.82 ETH.

Is the Mutant Ape Yacht Club real?

MAYC was launched in August 2021 as an offshoot NFT collection and an extension of BAYC.

Is mutant Ape a good investment?

Considering that they belong to BAYC, MAYC should be a profitable deal; however, they have not been able to reach the same name and fame as Yuga Labs’ other projects. Hence, it cannot be predicted whether they are a good investment or not. 

How do you buy mutant apes?

Buying the apes is similar to buying any other NFT and involves buying the ETH, transferring it to a wallet, heading to a marketplace, and buying the NFT.