VeeFriends – Gary Vaynerchuk’s most popular Blue-Chip NFTs

VeeFriends NFTs belong to the well-established entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk who is popularly known as Gary Vee. A collection of 10,255 plus tokens, the project strives to offer an approach to budding influencers about building value for themselves as well as their followers through NFTs. 

Launched in May 2021, the collection is enjoying a spot in the all-time top 30 projects on OpenSea.   

Gary’s intellectual approach

In a YouTube video, Vaynerchuk said:

I’m trying to build a blueprint for everybody that has an audience for how to do a proper NFT project. 

Being an NFT enthusiast, Gary Vee has allowed additional utility for the tokens. Having said that, VeeFriends NFTs double as tickets for the forthcoming three years of VeeCon, an annual conference based on marketing and entrepreneurship. 

Released on Ethereum, the NFTs are available for purchase at What separates the project from others is that it is built around community, IP and legacy with a very clear goal of establishing a community based on passion for business, smart contract possibilities and leveraging NFT technology.

Each NFT is a different animal with different rarity scores and backgrounds. There are 80 dinosaurs and 4463 mammals, which makes it obvious that compared to mammals, dinosaurs are rare NFTs.

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The positives & negatives of VeeFriends NFT

The NFTs are extremely popular because they are backed by Gary Vee,  a name that doesn’t need any introduction. The NFTs can be bought only through ETH.
The non-fungible tokens come with extra utility. There’s no clarity on the long-term utility of the NFTs.
They are based on the very trusted Ethereum blockchain and are good to be stored on any non-custodial Ethereum wallet.Ethereum blockchain is known for being costly.
Funds generated through the NFT collection are used for renewable energy sources. The collection is still new in the NFT market. 
There are three types of tokens- Gift Goat (555), admission (9,400) and access (300). Original NFTs are unavailable and have been sold out.

VeeFriends series 2

On 12th April this year, Gary along with his team released VeeFriends series 2, which is an expansion of the VeeFriends community with 55,555 NFTs and 251 characters. It has upgraded art and a whole new set of utilities. 

A box of 52 collectible trading cards can be redeemed for free for each VeeFriends Series 2 NFT that’s minted.

What makes the series 2 outstanding is the fact that it provides direct access to Gary and the events he organizes. 

VeeFriends utility

  • The first and foremost utility is direct access tickets to VeeCon. 
  • Based on the rarity traits, each NFT has different levels of individual utility, which offers owners access to exclusive business events by Gary. 
  • Owners of the NFT are served with airdrops and gifts. One such example includes the Johnny Walker x VeeFriends package for the Gift Goat holders.

NFT roadmap

Gary Vee has shared that the NFT collection is only the start of his IP realm. He is committed towards turning the 268 characters, which he has imagined, made, and drawn all by himself, into something purposeful like Star Wars and Harry Potter. Video games, consumer packaged goods, television series, and streetwear are just a few steps that can lead to the goal. 

It won’t be wrong to say that the journey has begun with real-world partnerships,  VeeFriends UNO card game, VeeFriends x Primitive merchandise, and VeeFriends x MaryRuth’s Accountable Anteater Multivitamins Gummies. 

Why is VeeFriends valuable?

Let’s begin with the categories of the tokens that make the project valuable. 

Admission tokens offer access to VeeCon. Access tokens offer experiences like an in-person one-on-one session with Gary, and Gift Goat tokens offer physical gifts curated personally by Gary. 

Also, there are sub-categories within the categories. For instance,​​ Sorcerer Scholarship is the rarest Access token and offers owners a total of five 45-minute mentor sessions with Vaynerchuk for one year. 

Vaynerchuk released VeeCon Viper at VeeCon 2022 to surprise his loyal community. It’s a character drawn by him exclusively for conference attendees. 

Also, in June, VeeFriends’ NFTs hit $500 million all-time sales, which gave the falling NFT market huge support. 

In July, the project attracted massive limelight when Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT project got a $50M seed round by A16z. Apart from growing its IP of 283 characters, the project will use the seed money to hire new personnel.

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Gary “GOO” collection 

Gary’s Original Ownership or GOO refers to a set of tokens that are pinned with a GOO Badge that verifies Gary’s original ownership to arriving owners.

Interesting Partnerships

Fanatics Collectibles x GaryVee 

Fanatics Collectibles has partnered with VeeFriends for the launch of ‘zerocool,’ which is the first trading card set created to feature the greatest icons in art, entertainment, and pop culture.

Johnnie Walker x Gift Token 

Johnnie Walker has partnered with VeeFriends via DIAEGO, its parent company. The collaboration rewards owners of the “Gift Goat NFT” with rare gifts that Johnnie Walker sponsors.

Social Responsibilities

  • VeeFriends NFT collection is available on OpenSea and Rarible. The project earns 10% as royalty for every purchase on both these marketplaces. Out of this 10%, 1% goes to the charity chosen by Gary.
  • Understanding the environmental impact of NFTs, the project donates to DAOs that work for renewable energy. 
  • Supporting the development of ETH 2.0 is also on the priority list and will utilize the Proof-of-Stake (POS) mechanism. 

Current statistics

With 5238 owners, the collection’s floor price is 6.89 ETH. The 7-day volume is 303.87 ETH and 7-day average price is 9.8 ETH. The total volume is 55,993.92 ETH.


How to get a VeeFriends NFT?

To buy a VeeFriends NFT, buying ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange is the first step. After the purchase, the ETH needs to be transferred to a non-custodial digital wallet. The wallet can be easily linked to the VeeFriends website, upon which one can buy the NFT. 

How much does a vee friend cost?

The NFT collection has a floor price of 6.89 ETH with a 7 day average price of 9.8 ETH.

How much did VeeFriends mint for?

VeeFriends series 2 NFT was launched with 55,555 NFTs at a mint price of 0.335 ETH.

Who created VeeFriends?

Gary Vaynerchuk is the creator of VeeFriends NFTs.

How much will VeeFriends 2 cost?

The total NFTs released were 55,555 with a mint price of 0.33 ETH and a floor price of 14.8 ETH.