NFT Expert Gary Vaynerchuk to Launch an NFT Consulting Arm


  • The firm is expected to enhance Vaynerchuk’s influential presence in the NFT space.
  • The firm intends to be a consultant for NFTs, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, Web 3 activities and assets.
  • NFT consulting firms often face criticism.

Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and NFT influencer is coming with his personal NFT consulting arm on May 25 trademark filing.

According to the filing, the firm will provide technical consulting in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Web 3 activities and metaverse.

The update was shared by Josh Gerben through a tweet:

The company is filed under Vayner 3 and is going to be the recent project on Vaynerchuk’s extending list of NFT ventures with his VeeFriends NFT collection, VeeCon conference and FlyFish Club NFT-gated restaurant.

Vaynerchuk’s brand is an influencer in the space; thus, the company will provide marketing, advertising as well as promotion services, all in relation with NFTs.

NFT consulting companies are criticized for destroying the money-hungry facet of the space. As far as Vaynerchuk is concerned, his reputation has a knack for superseding stigma as one of the few influencers to avoid controversy since pivoting to NFTs.

In February of this year, Leonidas.eth criticized the NFTs consulting firms as well as targeted Gary Vaynerchuk through a Twitter post:

Though there was no reply to the tweet neither by Vaynerchuk nor his representatives.

Recently, he applied for registered trademarks for VaynerBaseball, VaynerGaming, VaynerSports, VaynerFootball and VaynerESports with an aim of representing athletics from an extensive spectrum of both sports and games.

Insights of Gary Vaynerchuk’s life history are available on Gerben Law Firm.