Lamar Jackson Files Trademark for Restaurant


  • Lamar Jackson files trademarks for “Play Action Soulfood and More” and “You 8 Yet.”
  • Plans to open a restaurant or two are on the way.
  • The trademark can be used to launch multiple clothing purposes too.

Looks like Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is keeping himself occupied this season. According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Jackson has filed for two trademarks.

Gerben took to Twitter to post the announcement:

The two names he has filed trademarks for are “Play Action Soulfood and More” and “You 8 Yet?” The latter is in reference to his No. 8 jersey for the Ravens. Also, being the name of a restaurant, “You 8 Yet?”seems kind of funny, as per the Tweeter users.

In the filings, it seems that the quarterback plans to use the names for restaurant service purposes; thereby, making his move into the restaurant business. However, the same names could be used for multiple clothing purposes, such as footwear or headwear. Now that’s something exciting.

Though details behind the trademarks are not out yet, sources say that Jackson is looking forward to establish one or two restaurants using these names in the Baltimore area.

Responding to the news about the filing, he tweeted using the “OK hand” emoji.

At some point this offseason, if Jackson agrees to a long-term contract with the Ravens, he’ll do himself some major favor by accumulating more than enough funding to fully explore his passion projects.

Rаvens fаns cаn аlreаdy imаgine driving down а winding roаd аnd coming аcross а cozy little restаurаnt with а mаssive Lаmаr Jаckson sign а mile аwаy on the highwаy. “You 8 yet?” sаys а smаll speech bubble protruding from its side.