Nat Geo files three trademark applications liked with NFTs and metaverse


  • The National Geography Society, Nat Geo, has recently filed a total of three trademark applications that are associated with NFTs and metaverse.
  • Nat Geo seeks to trademark the terms National Geographic and Nat Geo and start using the brand in order to make NFTs.
  • This came following Nat Geo’s last month’s efforts of partnering with Snowcrash to launch its Genesis NFT collection.

In a recent announcement made by the official Twitter handle of Mike Kondoudis, the intellectual property attorney released a confirmation that the National Geographic Society, “Nat Geo,” has filed three trademark applications linked with NFTs and metaverse. 

As per the announcement, the organization filed three trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office related to NFTs on January 6. In accordance with the data submitted, Nat Geo seeks to trademark the terms National Geographic and Nat Geo, its abbreviation, and start utilizing the brand to make NFTs

In addition to this, the prominent science exploration organization intends to begin offering downloadable NFT-authenticated media such as image, audio, and video files that comprise depictions of current events, exploration, animals, and science, among others. 

Along with this, it also plans to start offering digital collectibles based on photograph themes, which facilitate the representation of downloadable media containing portrayals of some of its areas of expertise involving nature, animals, exploration, science, and current events. 

The National Geographic Society started showcasing an interest in joining the NFT space the previous month as it partnered with an NFT and metaverse platform, Snowcrash, in order to launch its Genesis NFT collection. 

GM: Daybreak Around the World, an NFT project, featured a limited edition of a total of 1,888 NFT-authenticated photographs from 16 native artists and photographers depicting daybreak across the world. It should be noted that the NFT collection is set to be launched on January 17.