MNTGE is introducing real vintage clothing to virtual world


  • Digital fashion brand MNTGE is launching NFT on Wednesday.
  • NFT MNTGE Pass will feature digital fashion handpicked by Sean Wotherspoon.
  • NFT holders can access certified vintage clothing at the forthcoming MNTGE Market online store.

NFT collectibles and vintage clothing are different, but both have generated secondary markets, with their value influenced by authenticity and rarity. This connection inspired MNTGE, a digital fashion firm that intends to make a connection between vintage apparel and the metaverse.

As digital wearables are utilized on metaverse platforms, the start-up intends to bring tangible vintage fashion to the NFT world through an Ethereum NFT called the MNTGE Pass. However, it also aims to foster a community of fashion and streetwear enthusiasts by offering first access to authentic vintage treasures.

MNTGE was started by Nick Adler, a businessman and Snoop Dogg’s brand manager; Sean Wotherspoon, a shoe designer and streetwear store owner; and Brennan Russo, a former Adidas marketing manager.

MNTGE’s goals following the debut of the MNTGE Pass are various, but they begin in Q1 2023 with a drop of digital fashion handpicked by Wotherspoon himself. The drop will explain the startup’s capabilities by employing a collection system with the same technique used to create digital copies of people for movies, exactly replicating actual vintage clothing.

Aside from digital releases, MNTGE is developing strategies to give holders access to the type of vintage rarities that Wotherspoon and his team often discover. It also intends to hold future pop-up stores in collaboration with international art and fashion events. 

Holders will be able to shop for certified vintage clothing at the forthcoming MNTGE Market online store. Adler has been an advisor for many Web3 initiatives, including the Bored Ape Yacht Club and The Sandbox.

About his collection, he also stated that he desired to create something unique from the ground up that he felt would last through the downturn in the market.