1M USDC buyout offer overlooked by Amazon.eth ENS domain owner


  • An unknown wallet address offered 1 million USDC to the Ethereum Name Service domain, Amazon.eth.
  • The offer was over 10 times the amount of the domain’s previous sale.
  • The previous sale of the domain was for 33 Ether.

An offer of 1 million USD Coin was received by the Ethereum Name Service domain, Amazon.eth, from an anonymous wallet address on OpenSea. However, the offer went unacknowledged and no transaction happened. 

The last sale of the domain name took place five months back for 33 Ether. 

As of now, it is not confirmed whether the owner was not updated about the offer or did not consider it or whether the bidding & domain owner accounts were connected to raise the price of the asset. 

OpenSea’s data states that other bid offers for the domain are at about $6,200 in USDC. ENS has verified the domain name as official and belongs to anonymous OpenSea user 4761BF.

A blockchain naming protocol, ENS enables users to store avatars and profile images to be used across devices as well as send or receive crypto and NFTs. 

A number of crypto freaks came up with creative and exciting names for the ENS service; whereas, others went the domain-flipping way. 

Over 1.67 million .eth domain registrations across about 482,000 owners have taken place since 2017. 154,100 plus registrations took place between July 5 to Monday, owing to less gas fees and interest from entities looking forward to stepping into the Web3 space. 

ENS collection on OpenSea has seen about 46,200 ETH in cumulative transaction volume until now.