Terror groups may raise funds & spread messages via NFTs, says WALL Street Journal


  • The NFT was listed on the very popular marketplace, OpenSea.
  • The NFT listing was taken down with closing of posters account.
  • The trio of non-fungible tokens was on Rarible and various other markets prior to being taken down.

The world has got its first NFT that has been created and shared by a terrorist sympathizer. As obvious, concerns have been raised regarding the increase in spread of terrorist messages as well as propaganda. 

Based on an article published in The WALL Street Journal on September 4, intelligent experts mentioned that non-fungible token might be an indication that Islamic state as well as terror groups are probably using blockchain to refrain from sanctions and generate money to support their terrorist campaigns. 

Raphael Gluck, co-founder of the U.S. research company Jihadoscope, has discovered the NFT. He found it via pro-ISIS social media accounts. 

The name of the digital token is “IS-NEWS #01” and it has an image of the emblem belonging to the Islamic State. The text mentioned on it praises Afghanistan Islamic militants for targeting and attacking a Taliban position.

Mario Cosby, who is a former federal intelligence analyst with specialization in blockchain currencies, said that another two NFTS were created by the user on August 26. One NFT features an Islamic State fighter who is teaching students to make explosives while the other NFT criticizes smoking cigarettes. 

According to the analysts, this could be an indication of terrorist groups using the leading techology to forward their message and test funding strategies. 

Though nobody has traded the NFTs, the tokens are a cause for concern according to Cosby who further said that nobody can do anything to take the NFT down.