OpenSea announces the launch of a new copymint detection system to identify copies


  • OpenSea is launching a new copy mint detection system today that carries the potential to identify flips, exact matches, and fuzzy copies within seconds of a mint.
  • The biggest NFT marketplace realizes the importance of extending support to communities coming together via art inspired by original work.
  • OpenSea embarks on a journey to bring authenticity to the NFT ecosystem.

In a recently shared tweet, OpenSea made an announcement that they are launching a new copy mint detection system that will be carrying the potential to identify the flips, fuzzy copies, and exact matches within seconds of a mint. 

As per the tweet shared, it is becoming more and more important to extend support to the communities coming together through art inspired by original work. In addition to this, another important thing is to help people identify authentic content with confidence. 

OpenSea stated that they were required to facilitate the building of a copymint detection system that is capable of taking action quickly and doing so without witnessing false positives. 

Devin Finzer, the Co-Founder and CEO of OpenSea, shared his excitement about this copayment detection system, with the help of which, OpenSea will be able to detect and remove fuzzy copies that too in a matter of just seconds.  

Back in the month of May, OpenSea shared a tweet that addressed the fact that imitation and plagiarism have been of growing issues in the world of NFTs. As a result, they announced the rolling out of the alterations aimed at enhancing authenticity and facilitating the reduction of copymints on OpenSea. 

It was revealed that they updated their approach to verification, and the second announcement dealt with the reduction of copymints or the copies of NFT content that is authentic on OpenSea. The verification system was revealingly updated in order to involve an account verification and collection badging system. What added more to it was the broadening of the number of creators eligible for verification. 

In order to reduce copymints, they rolled out an automated system so that the copymints are proactively identified, removed, and prevented.