OpenSea partners with Pinata to deliver content efficiently


  • OpenSea and Pinatacloud’s collaboration will boost content delivery to a whole new level-playing field.
  • @OpenSea is the biggest web3 marketplace for NFTs and crypto collectibles.
  • @pinatacloud is a leading media management company for developers and creators building the future of web3.

OpenSea required a media infrastructure to deliver content rapidly and efficiently to provide NFT creators and collectors with an amazing overall experience. So, @OpenSea collaborated with @pinatacloud to enhance what the marketplace has to offer to NFT and crypto holders. 

OpenSea is the biggest and the first web3 marketplace worldwide for NFTs and crypto collectibles. Besides NFT and crypto holders across the globe, any user on the internet can use this marketplace to browse, create, buy, sell, and auction NFTs using this brilliant marketplace today.

Pinata is one of the leading media management companies available for developers and creators who are all busy developing the future of web3. Pinata’s main aim and mission are to develop the most accessible NFT platform for all developers and creators to share, manage, and monetize their media.

One of the many factors behind this collaboration is that Pinata Cloud, being a huge media management company, offers secure and blazing-fast IPFS uploads, great options for gated content, high community engagement, and scalable option for all-size projects. 

This collaboration between @OpenSea and @pinatacloud is going to make things benefit not just the former but also the latter. OpenSea is, indeed, a really big platform and any company that is associated with OpenSea will definitely find its way to a bigger audience and enjoy an increased level of engagement in the future.