Scam NFT project listed on OpenSea


  • A new scam project “Nyan Slash Check” was listed on OpenSea.
  • The project redirects to a fake zora website.
  • The project has most probably been pulled down but still shows up sometimes.

Ever since 2023 has begun, certain forms of NFT attacks and scams have happened already. Today NFT News also reported about 5 new ways of NFT scams that can shock anyone. Now another scam has come to light. 

Based on the recent tweets of software engineer @cygaar, a project with the name “Nyan Slash Check” is trending on the OpenSea marketplace. However, it is nothing more than a scam. The description points listed about the project redirect to a fake zora website with a motive of provoking users to mint a false token. 

The fake site that’s been listed is “zora-nft .com,” while the actual website is

The trade volume belongs to the wallet upon using Seaport to trade. Also, the contract is not confirmed. It is the same address that pulled the same activity a day before; however, OpenSea removed it quickly. The marketplace might do the same this time as well. 

Though it looks like the operating system has removed it but the project still shows up at time, which points towards being careful. 

In the last week of January 2023, Kevin Rose shared the news of losing NFTs worth more than $1 million in a phishing scam. In another incident, the Twitter account of Azuki was hacked. 

It won’t be wrong to say that bad actors are actively looking for opportunities to achieve their wrong intentions and being careful at every step is the only way to stay safe.