Akumu Dragonz Coming on May 31 to Expand the Community


  • Akumu Dragonz holders will qualify for future drops, both physical and digital.
  • Akumu aims to expand the Boku community through the Bōryoku and Akumu brands.
  • Akumu is the access ticket to one of the most exclusive communities in Web3, a pass for IRL events, initiatives and more.

Akumu Dragonz is an upcoming 10,000 piece NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain. Set to drop on May 31, 2022 for 0.169 ETH, it is the latest cross-chain NFT collection from the Bōryoku Dragonz team. The NFT collection is expected to unveil the unbounded potential of brand building via engagement of real and virtual worlds.

OpenSea posted a tweet mentioning the drop of the NFT collection in the coming week.

Akumu Dragonz is basically the ETH sister collection of @BoryokuDragonz, which is a blue-chip NFT project on Solana. It’s the 1st true cross-chain project and a gateway to SOL NFTs, as posted by OpenSea through another tweet.

Diving into more details, Akumu Dragonz will offer an immersive and interactive experience. It is based on beginning of quests that have a story rooted in the lore that provides a path of progression with artifacts to collect along the way.

According to the information of OpenSea, Bōryoku Dragonz is an exclusive collection of 1,111 Dragon NFTs first birthed on Solana and were minted in 3 minutes. Designers, artists, NFT collectors and community builders support it like its backbone. The project is aimed at bringing a fresh design to Solana, with daily utility airdrops, a breeding game with a deliberate token burning mechanics.

Giving a guide to Akumu Dragonz, a tweet by Akumu Dragonz was posted on May 19.