OpenSea Data Reveals 256% Spike in Trump NFT Trading Post-Carlson Chat


  • Trump’s NFT card prices surged after his interview with Tucker Carlson.
  • Trump bypassed the GOP debate to criticize rivals on Carlson’s Twitter.
  • In 24 hours, trading volume for Trump’s NFTs increased by 256%, reaching 14,320 Ethereum ($23.5 million).

Ex-President Donald Trump’s digital trading cards witnessed a significant price surge. This spike came on the heels of a Wednesday interview with conservative commentator, Tucker Carlson. Instead of attending the GOP debate, Trump opted to criticize his rivals on Carlson’s Twitter channel, a former Fox News host.

Data from the OpenSea marketplace reveals some intriguing insights. Trading volume for Trump’s NFT cards skyrocketed by 256% within a mere 24 hours. Consequently, the volume reached a staggering 14,320 Ethereum, equivalent to $23.5 million. Moreover, the base price of these cards saw a 25% increase, settling at 0.1369 Ethereum or approximately $225.

Sales statistics from the past day are equally noteworthy. Sales surged by 220%. However, there’s a notable detail: the majority of this price hike stems from the activity of merely two wallets purchasing these NFTs. Such market movements underscore how NFT prices, akin to other digital assets, can fluctuate dramatically. For instance, earlier this month, the Ethereum NFT profile picture collection, DeGods, experienced a sharp decline. This drop occurred when a single wallet offloaded 200 of these NFTs.

Trump, currently the GOP’s top pick for the upcoming American presidential election, introduced his NFT trading cards in December. Minted on the Polygon platform, Trump remarked that he found the artwork “sort of cute” and believed it “might sell.” The cards, showcasing illustrations of Trump in various avatars like a superhero or cowboy, initially garnered immense interest.

However, buyer enthusiasm waned over time. Significantly, the card prices and trading volume seem to oscillate based on events related to Trump. This includes both positive and negative news, such as his historic indictment.

The world of NFTs remains as unpredictable as ever. Events, endorsements, or controversies can lead to sudden market shifts. Trump’s recent interview with Carlson serves as a testament to this ever-evolving digital landscape.