Donald Trump NFT records high sales volume


  • Donald Trump’s NFT rose 800%.
  • Total transactions of $241,000 in a day have been recorded.
  • Each $99 item came with a chance to win a special bonus.

Donald Trump’s NFT range encapsulated much of the extreme instability of the NFT market during its first five weeks: it suffered considerable criticism but eventually sold out, then saw costs and revenues skyrocket before abruptly collapsing. Sales have recently resumed their upward trend.

Per day, overall sales for the certified Trump Digital Trading Card collections increased by approximately 800%, rising from around $34,000 to over $306,000. So far today, transactions totaling $241,000 have been recorded. The site’s 24-hour trade volume had increased 1,900% over the previous current period at one point this morning. 

The quantity of NFTs exchanged increased on a daily basis, but so did the average selling price. On Tuesday, CryptoSlam logged 115 total transactions with an average of $296 in ETH per NFT. However, the total number of NFTs exchanged yesterday increased to 704 at an average price of $435. 

Today’s average sales price is around $670. The beginning price of ETH has nearly quadrupled from $235 at the commencement of Wednesday to $454 at the time of writing. This morning, it momentarily surpassed $500.

Although there is no clear cause for the unexpected surge in activity, some on Crypto Twitter believe it is related to rumors that the former US president is planning a return to traditional social media platforms. He was barred from using Facebook and Twitter after instigating the January 6 assaults on the United States Capitol Building.

Trump debuted his NFT card game collection on December 15, with 45,000 assets coined on Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain, representing the political figure as a superman, cowboy, astronaut, and other fantasy positions. Each $99 item included an opportunity to win a special bonus, such as supper or a meet-and-greet with Trump.