Trump’s $1 Billion Income: NFTs and Hotel Sale Headline Explosive Financial Disclosure


  • Trump’s financial disclosure reveals $1 billion income, including cryptocurrency and speaking fees.
  • Dubai golf facility earned Trump $1,166,357; Washington hotel sale contributed $284.5 million.
  • Updated filing exposes income from NFT licensing, media ventures, speaking engagements.

Former President Donald Trump’s updated financial disclosure form has shed light on his vast financial empire, revealing new details about his cryptocurrency holdings, speaking fees, and proceeds from the sale of his Washington, D.C. hotel. The updated filing, submitted to the Office of Government Ethics, provides a more precise account of the over $1 billion he received from various sources.

In his previous statement to the Federal Election Commission, Trump had been permitted to provide approximate values for certain forms of income, such as dividends and capital gains. However, the latest disclosure requires specific reporting of income from sources like salary and speaking fees.

Notably, Trump’s earnings from his Dubai golf facility were originally reported to be between $1 million and $5 million. However, the new filing reveals that he actually earned $1,166,357 from overseeing the property.

Additionally, his former company, Trump Old Post Office LLC, contributed a staggering $284.5 million to his declared income, encompassing revenues from the sale of his stake in the Washington hotel and the value of furnishings and equipment.

Critics have long raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest between Trump’s business dealings and his role as president. The latest financial disclosures, two years after leaving office, demonstrate that Trump continues to leverage his political status for financial gain. Million-dollar speaking engagements and commercial enterprises capitalize on his massive following and global brand.

As Trump gears up for a challenging presidential primary, this comprehensive review of his post-presidential finances provides unprecedented insight. While Democrats have criticized him for not separating his business and presidential roles, his Republican primary opponents have shown little interest in challenging his financial standing.

The updated public statement now includes information about CIC Digital LLC, a company benefiting from licensing payments related to non-fungible tokens featuring Trump’s image. The entity holds between $250,000 and $500,000 in Ethereum and a US bank account with a balance below $1,000.

Other notable earnings disclosed include $12.6 million from speaking engagements and $5.8 million in royalties. This includes $1.4 million from Bill O’Reilly’s live tour and Melania Trump’s earnings of $450,000 from speaking engagements.

Trump estimates his 90% interest in Trump Media and Technology Group to be valued between $5 million and $25 million. The latest filing also reveals some income sources for the company, including Rumble, which generated over $1 million in advertising income.

Furthermore, Trump repaid a previously undisclosed debt to Deutsche Bank AG, and the mortgage on his Trump National Doral resort was paid off, ranging between $25 million and $50 million.

These financial disclosures provide a comprehensive look into Donald Trump’s wealth and business ventures since leaving the White House. They highlight the continued intertwining of his political status and financial interests, as well as the significant financial gains he has enjoyed through various endeavors.