Donald Trump Trading Cards on Sale for $32


  • One of the most expensive NFTs provides an individual in-person meeting with the former President for 200 ETH.
  • Donald Trump Trading Card NFT sales have decreased by more than 98%.
  • The Trump Prize NFT, which includes a private Zoom call with Donald Trump, is currently selling for about $32.

The Donald Trump Trading Cards gave away a variety of gifts to over 1000 players.

However, the prize NFTs are currently going for as little as $38. The Donald Trump Virtual Trading Card NFTs sold out quickly, generating around 648 ETH, or approximately $785,000 based on the ETH price at the time of the sale. A sweepstakes winner bonus was awarded to over 1,000 digital selling card NFTs; however, the award is now trading as low as $32.

Awards included a gala dinner, meet and greet, golf session, group zoom call, individual zoom call, and even a one-on-one session with former President Donald Trump.

The holders of the digital cards received these Trump Prizes NFTs, which portray the former President carrying a frame containing one of the specified prizes. As per OpenSea statistics, the Trump Prize NFTs have a trading activity of only 38 ETH and a floor price of 0.0228 ETH, which is around $32 at the time of writing. The initial NFTs cost $99, but their rewards are now available for nearly 68% less.

It is important to note, however, that NFT holders have placed just 84 NFTs out of a total of 1686 NFTs for sale. This accounts for around 5% of the listing. These statistics may imply that the holders have 95% of the NFTs required to collect their benefits. 

The “Meet with President Trump” NFT has the highest position. It will provide the buyer with 20 minutes with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, a property in Palm Beach, Florida. The NFT is priced at 200 ETH, or approximately $285,122.

According to OpenSea statistics, Donald Trump Trading Card sales peaked at 285% on December 18, 2022. Nevertheless, after a month, sales had dropped by about 98%. On Thursday, OpenSea reported 65 sales. On Thursday, OpenSea reported 65 sales. The collection’s starting price has been reduced by 80%. It is now trading at 0.178 ETH, down from a high of 0.84 ETH.