SNL roasts Trump’s NFT collection, prices drop and pick up


  • Trump’s latest NFT collection suffered a dip during the weekend.
  • The NFT collection became the subject of fun and humor on Saturday Night Live, the late-night comedy show.
  • Currently, the project is trending as the leading collection on OpenSea.

A few days back, Today NFT News reported Donald Trump launched his $99 NFT collection. Despite the criticism, the NFT collection sold out in less than 24 hours

The trading volume jumped to 5,548 ETH as of Sunday morning. But if we talk about the day before, the price of the trading cards was unstable. The floor price reached 0.84 ETH on Saturday before hitting a low of 0.32 ETH by early Sunday morning. The cheapest NFT has spiked a bit to 0.490 ETH at the moment. 

Trump’s bizarre NFT collection has raised questions in the community. Now, the digital collectibles became a part of Saturday Night Live, a late-night comedy show. The previous episode began with a skit from James Austin Johnson, who mimicked Trump’s announcement regarding the launch of digital collectibles. 

He called the announcement a scam alongside admiring the trading cards. Furthermore, he mentioned the current investigations about Trump, like the misuse of classified details.

He added that each card has an automatic opportunity of winning a unique mystery prize, where one can pick anything out of the box. While saying so, he held up a box filled with papers that read “classified.” 

Later in the show, comedians Michael Che and Colin Jost also took a dig and pointed out the unusual timing of the collection’s release, i.e., when the market is going through a major crash. 

The trading cards were made fun of at various other late-night television shows as well, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Colbert even took to Twitter and shared a humorous tweet. 

Despite the original price of each NFT being $99, individual tokens were sold for more as they were sold in less than 24 hours. 

According to Polygonscan, one 1-of-1 NFT was sold for 37 ETH on Saturday. The NFT had Trump’s monotone image in a tuxedo posing in front of a flight of stairs alongside his signature. 

According to the fine print of the project, NFT International will have 10% of secondary sales. The firm has the right to utilize Trump’s likeness for the project. 

On Reddit, the project’s skeptics have warned people who are looking forward to buying collectibles from the project to stay away. They have alleged that 1,000 digital trading cards are held by a wallet, which looks like receiving royalties. 

Having said that, a considerable quantity of items were acquired by the creators of the project, and they could sink the overall value of the project, provided all the NFTs were sold at a time.  

A user noted that while one NFT featuring Trump in a flight suit has a watermark from a Shutterstock photo, another NFT has a fraction of a watermark from stock images from Adobe.