Singer-Songwriter Violetta is making waves this week after releasing NFTs


  • Violetta’s Handmade Music, her first NFT collection, is making waves this week.
  • @ZironiVioletta launched a new project in collaboration with Nifty Music called Moonshot.
  • Violetta is changing the way creators engage with their fans.

In 2022, Violetta @ZironiVioletta started releasing her own songs as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and soon after, built a loyal fan base upon developing deep connections with her fans. 

Violetta has been in this industry as a singer-songwriter for the last 9 years, making her way onto the public stage, especially after reaching 3rd position on X-Factor. However, despite her TV exposure, she found it pretty tough to make her space within the crowded music ecosystem.

But soon, she learned about NFTs and started building a viable community, over time, by engaging with them on Discord chats, and music gigs on the weekends. This in turn helped her build deep connections with her fans even before the release of her new music album or song.

Violetta then released Handmade Music, her first NFT collection, recorded in early 2022, and further launched another new project in collaboration with Nifty Music called Moonshot, which has paired her music with 2,500 drawings. This collection of her music NFTs has driven huge traffic and engagement, especially given the way she has provided utility to her holders.

Moonshot holders can access rare rewards like free posters and vinyl, and even lifetime concert tickets. She is shifting the face of what it means for a creator to engage with their fans.