Youtuber MKBHD prefers Google Glass over Metaverse in an interview


  • MKBHD praises Google Glass and avoids showing interest in the idea of Metaverse.
  • In a recent interview, the news was revealed about the 28 yrs old American Youtuber.
  • Marques Brownlee is well known for his tech-centered videos and his podcast WaveForm.

In a recent interview with Marques Brownlee, a famous American Youtuber, it was revealed he is more inclined toward Google glass and says no to the Metaverse.

During his conversation with the reporter, the 28-year-old tech-based star expressed his views on the Metaverse and why Google Glass deserves retrieval. 

When asked about the latest trends in technology, the YouTuber said he thinks AR/VR is currently in the eyes of everyone right now. The reason behind this is that these provide a totally new and interesting experience to the people.  

In the past, we saw insane things like Google Glass, and soon a lot of great stuff like this will be seen.

Adding further, he also shared his views about the idea of the Metaverse. We know why people like Metaverse and also why Facebook or Meta are investing in it. But, still, a reason is missing in it, we do new things for a reason, but Metaverse does not have a purpose. 

He addressed the fact that playing games in the Metaverse can surely be a great experience, but working as a company in the Metaverse, can be a hustling task.

In 2009, Marques Brownlee started his channel MKBHD as a teenager. Now he is famous for his tech-centric videos as well as his podcast WaveForm. Currently, his youtube fan base is over 15 million, with 2.7 billion total youtube videos.  

In addition, he is a professional ultimate frisbee player (the former president even praised his “unbelievable hops”). He has even landed interviews with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama.

The ability of Brownlee to stay relevant over the course of a 10-year online video career without losing the faith of his audience, however, may be his most remarkable achievement.

And as the need for short-form video material increases, Brownlee has easily switched to TikTok, where he produced one of the few successful April Fools’ Day jokes.