Kevin Smith to Release “KillRoy Was Here” Film as NFTs on Secret Network


  • Director Kevin Smith will release a full film that will only be available through NFTs created on Secret Network, the same platform utilized by Quentin Tarantino.
  • Holders can use their NFT photos to make short films, some of which will be used in a feature-length sequel by Smith.
  • The movie, as well as exclusive content from the film, behind-the-scenes footage, and a commentary track, will be available as part of a 5,555-piece generative art NFT collection on Legendao.

Kevin Smith, together with his producers Jordan Monsanto of SmodCo and David Shapiro of Semkhor, announced a partnership with Secret Network’s Legendao to launch NFTs of Smith’s Horror Anthology: KillRoy was Here. This is the first time in history that a movie will be published via NFT, broadening the possibilities of what NFTs might provide in a rapidly changing entertainment industry.

KillRoy Was Here, directed by Smith and written by Smith and Andy McElfresh, is a retro anthology horror film about a monster that murders cruel people at the request of wounded children.

The video, unique content from the film, behind-the-scenes footage, and a commentary track will be released as a 5,555-piece generative art NFT collection on Legendao, Secret Network’s digital platform.

The KillRoy Was Here NFT’s 5,555 purchasers will receive unique access to:

  • KillRoy art that is one-of-a-kind
  • Viewing Access to a video that will be unavailable to anybody else unless they have the NFT’s secret “crypto key.”
  • Clips
  • Commentary
  • Footage from behind-the-scenes
  • The KillRoy NFT is also unusual in that it allows art collectors to participate as artistic partners in the film’s sequel.

The NFTs are more than just access to a digital screening of the film. Each NFT picture depicts a unique depiction of the Killroy monster, such as a BAYC or CryptoPunks, that owners are welcome to sell and utilize for their own projects. In fact, Smith encourages users to use their Killroys to make their own short films and animated snippets inspired by the original film.

Smith plans to collect the greatest fan-made short films and combine them with his own fresh material to make a sequel to “Killroy Was Here”—or even numerous sequels. Smith will split the proceeds from sequels with the authors of any short films that make the cut. The NFTs are more than just access to a digital screening of the film.

Secret Network’s Legendao platform has been a leader in the industry and a hub for high-quality NFT drops. Legendao allows top-tier brands, artists, and creators to launch their own NFT projects. The NFTs utilize Secret Network’s data privacy technology to make sure that only the NFT owners can decrypt their contents and share them with others. Both the makers and their owners will benefit from this mix of private and public information.

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